DepartmentRomance and Germanic Studies


The Department of Romance and Germanic Studies was established by decision of the Academic Council of NBU in March 2012 after the division of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

The Department of Romance and Germanic Studies focuses its scholarly research on the theoretical and applied aspects of general and comparative linguistics, translation theory and practice, foreign language teaching methodology, using information and communication technologies in foreign language teaching and learning, as well as on the literature and culture of the German, French, Spanish and Italian speaking countries. The Department designs materials for German, French, Spanish and Italian language teaching and learning.

The Department offers students the bachelor’s degree programs “Germanic studies”, “Hispanic studies”, “Romance studies”, “Italian studies”, which have two modules, translation and teacher of the respective foreign language. Together with the Department of English Studies it offers the master’s degree programs “Linguodidactics” and “Translation and interpretation” and the doctoral programs “Contemporary language teaching methodology” and “Linguistics and translation theory and practice”. The Department offers the minor programs “Germanic studies”, “Hispanic studies”, “Romance studies”, “Italian studies” in the professional direction of philology which train students in the field of translation and interpretation from/to the foreign language.

The Department provides the German, Spanish, French and Italian language education of undergraduate and PhD students at NBU, as well as of external users.

The Department has a contract with the Cervantes Institute, Sofia, which allows it to hold certificate examinations in Spanish for the internationally accepted diploma DELE and with the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research for the Austrian language diploma ÖSD.

The Romance and Germanic Studies Department works also as a methodological centre for curriculum design for German, Spanish, French and Italian language teaching, for introducing modern teaching methods and developing the quality of foreign language teaching. The lecturers have a long experience in the design of dictionaries and coursebooks for foreign language teaching to Bulgarians: “Paso a Paso. Spanish for Bulgarians”, written by V. Sirakova and S. Michev; “Textbook on German Language Literatute for Children” by P. Stefanova, E. Savova, A Lambova, German language coursebook for 7th grade (as a first foreign language), “Deutsch für dich“: student’s book, workbook and teacher’s book by P. Stefanova and E. Savova; “Lagune” coursebook (teacher’s book and workbooks Lagune 1, 2, 3) by the same authors; “Pom und Pam” coursebook by N. Stoilkova and R. Vasileva, “Découvrir et pratiquer le bulgare” (interactive system for Bulgarian language learning by frankophones) by Ts. Krasteva et al.

The Department of Romance and Germanic Studies publishes annually jubilee collections dedicated to the achievements and merits of its renowned lecturers which include articles by scholars from Bulgaria and abroad: “Foreign language teaching today”, dedicated to Prof. Pavlina Stefanova; “Times fly, the written word remains”, in honour of Assoc. Prof. Ani Levi PhD, “Language – science and practice”, in honour of Prof. Maria Grozeva, PhD.
Lecturers from the Department of English Studies and the Department of Romance and Germanic Studies, as well as PhD, graduate and undergraduate students from the respective programs participate in the year book of the Department.

Since 2007 teachers, students and guests of NBU have been exchanging experience and sharing their interest in Germany and the culture of the German-speaking countries within the framework of the “Friends of the German language” Club at the Romance and Germanic Studies Department. In 2014 the Club “Friends of Italy” was started, whose first guest-lecturer was Prof. Giuseppe dell'Agata from the University of Pisa.

The Department organizes monthly seminars for graduate and PhD students. The ongoing seminar “Language and Culture”, which is concerned with theoretical and applied aspects of linguistics and culture, meets graduate and PhD students from the Department with teachers and guest-lecturers from the country and abroad.
The Department of Romance and Germanic Studies holds seminars and meetings together with the Department of English Studies, as well as with other internal structures of NBU. The lecturers from both Departments participate in the annual Winter School on the problems of teaching and general foreign language education, which had its 10th anniversary in 2014.

The Department collaborates with a number of cultural institutions: the Italian Cultural Institute, Goethe Institute, the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research, the Austrian Library, the Spanish Cultural Institute “Cervantes”.

Under the Erasmus Programme for student mobility it has agreements with universities in Poland, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Romania, Slovenia, Italy, Greece and Germany.

Currently it is working with 16 universities on the CEEPUS TRANS network project for student and teacher exchange, with manager Prof. Maria Grozeva, PhD.

The Department has agreements with leading schools in Sofia where students in the undergraduate programs do their training and practice teaching.

The lecturers in the Department of Romance and Germanic Studies are members of prestigious national and international organization, such as the Bulgarian German Teachers’ Association, the Bulgarian Spanish Teachers’ Association, the National Committee at the Ministry of Education and Science for the development of school-leaving examinations in Spanish, French, German and Italian, the International German Teachers’ Union (IDV), the Association of Interpreters and Translators in Bulgaria, the International Spanish Teachers’ Association, etc.


Deputy Chairman:

Assist.Prof. Magdalena Karajunkova Phd
Building 2, Room 201
Tel: 02/8110 351; ext. 22012

Visiting hours:

Neli Harmanlieva
Building 2, Room 201
Tel: 02/8110 371; ext. 22011

Visiting hours:
Monday - 09:00-13:00
Wednesday - 13.00-17.30